Pornhub Premium? You can now subscribe in Bitcoin (and Litecoin)

When the king of X falls for Bitcoin – Pornhub, the leading pornographic content site, now offers Internet users access to its premium services through payment in Bitcoin Code and Litecoin. Natural beginnings in the porn industry for the two cryptocurrencies, according to a platform executive.

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Is the porn industry a lever for the adoption of cryptocurrency?

The adult content site has already been offering cryptocurrency payment since 2018 , through the Verge (the reference is not accidental). Now, Pornhub also accepts 2 leading cryptos for subscription to its premium services : Bitcoin and Litecoin.

“As a leader in adult content with over 130 million daily visitors, Pornhub is pleased to now offer two leading and widely used digital currencies to its users. Our team continues to lead the way in the development, testing and implementation of new technologies for everyday consumers, well ahead of the mainstream market. » , Corey Price, Vice President of Pornhub

Will porn be able to help develop the use of cryptocurrency as it did for other technologies in the past? This scenario is not to be ruled out. However, if these sites attract many Internet users, few of them today accept to take out the bank card.

Bitcoin Bank Card

Bitcoin could remove some barriers in this area, reassuring consumers. Guaranteed discretion and no risk of having your bank account tapped several times after having communicated your data.

This argument was also underlined by Satoshi Nakamoto himself in 2010, as Cointelegraph reminds us :

“Bitcoin would be handy for people who don’t have a credit card or don’t want to use the cards they have, either because they don’t want their spouse to see it on the bill, or because they do not trust the possibility of giving their number to ‚pornographers‘, or because they are afraid of recurring billing. „

It just goes to show that the initiation into change can come from anywhere. With Pornhub making the leap to Bitcoin and Litecoin, one would expect competitors to join in as well.